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Family business  Handmade in England, UK  Sustainably-sourced 100% pure beeswax

We're here to offer you a guiding hand towards being plastic-free and zero-waste. 

Priscilla (Mother) & Pravana (Daughter)

Honey Bee Candles®

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Help us support UK charities

Candlelighters, FareShare, the British Beekeepers Association and Bees for Development. Click here to find out more about our charity targets

We are a plastic-free and zero-waste family business.

Plastic-free: Our products and their packaging do not contain any plastic. We even wrap deliveries in brown paper and use kraft tape (avoiding single-use plastic like bubble envelopes and sellotape).

Zero-waste: Zero-waste is a concept where the main goal is a sustainable lifestyle through a circular economy (see the graphic below by Circular Flanders). This means swapping single-use plastic products for reusable products (like our beeswax wraps and candle stand) and biodegradable products (like our candles, beeswax wraps and eco-friendly fire starters) so that nothing needs to go to landfill. It’s not the same as minimalism but you will find that you will naturally buy less each week once you start using reusable products.

Our global economy is currently mainly a linear economy but it only takes a few small changes to live sustainably.

Start your plastic-free and zero-waste journey with us today

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100% pure beeswax

 No paraffin wax. No soy wax. No palm oil.

Plastic-free | Zero-waste | Biodegradable

Truly eco-friendly

Best sellers this week

  • The beautiful, bright glow of a lit beeswax candle is on the same light spectrum as sunlight

  • We only use beeswax that is the by-product of surplus honey; the honey bees always have enough honey

  • For every 1 lb (450g) of beeswax, honey bees have to collect nectar from nearly 33 million flowers

  • 75,000 honey bees work together to make 1 lb (450g) of beeswax

100% pure beeswax candles

We filter the beeswax that is a by-product of the surplus honey collected from beehives during honey harvests. This way, nothing is wasted.

We support ethical beekeeping and its values so our beeswax is cruelty-free and from a sustainable source. The beeswax that we use is straight from the beehive- no other type of wax (e.g. soy or paraffin), no nasty chemicals and no preservatives are added- we only use 100% pure beeswax.


Natural ionisers

Only 100% pure beeswax candles purify the air as they emit negative ions. Dust, pollen and pollution are airborne due to their postive ions so the negative ions of a burning beeswax candle neutralise them- leaving a lovely subtle honey aroma and a gently warmed room

In cities or dusty areas, you will be able to see the molten wax pool at the top of the candle start to darken: this is because when the airborne postive ions become neutalised, they become a complete molecule which is heavier than air so it becomes a solid

When a beeswax candle has been burning long enough, you will be able to experience the difference: it’s sort of like a ray of sunshine, fresh ocean breeze or freshly cut green grass

If you start to burn Honey Bee Candles every day, the air in your home will be cleaner, sweeter and ultimately healthier than if you didn’t purify the air. For best results, ideally vacuum carpets or wipe hard floors daily but a few times a week also works well. The more that you burn Honey Bee Candles, the greater the effect but you should start to notice a difference from the first burn. To start, try burning a Honey Bee Candle for three hours every day for a week.

We offer handmade candlesticks, votive candles and pillar candles

Honey Bee Candles Winter 2018

New Products for Winter 2018

New designs of candlesticks, votives & pillar candles

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Wildflower Candle Stand


Exclusive design to Honey Bee Candles®

Extra stability provided by tripod stand which is perfect for homes with children and pets

The reusable alternative to single-use plastic: Beeswax Wraps

Honey Bee Wraps are beeswax wraps, the plastic-free and zero-waste way to keep your food fresher for longer.

They are sustainable, reusable and the natural alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil. They are handmade using simple and eco-friendly materials: 100% cotton fabric, 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin and certified organic plant oils. They are naturally adhesive, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal without any nasty chemicals.

They are also a great way to reduce food waste as the cotton material allows some of the moisture to escape and your food to breathe which means that bacteria have to work harder to decompose your food. This means that your food should stay fresher for longer wrapped in Honey Bee Wraps compared to plastic wrap or aluminium foil. We've found that we save money in the long run on our grocery bill as less food is wasted at home by using Honey Bee Wraps.

Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap, then fold it around food, into a snack pouch or stretch over a container to act as a lid and use your fingers to press and seal (scroll down to watch How-To videos). When the wrap cools, it will hold its shape. They are reusable, gently wash by hand with cool water (using a mild soap, if needed) in between uses. Hang to air dry.

Click here for more information about how to use beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are biodegradable and could prevent an estimated 480 metres of plastic wrap going to landfill and into our oceans per year (based on a family of 4 using 24 packs of 20 metres).  


Beeswax Wraps

5 packs: Assorted Sizes (3 wraps), Cheese Pack (3 wraps), Bread Wrap, Sandwich Wrap and Snack Pack (2 wraps)

Available in 5 unique designs

10% of certain packs sold will be donated to support 3 UK Charities: FareShare, the British Beekeepers Association and Bee’s for Development.

Read about our charity targets here and more information can be found on individual product pages

How to use beeswax food wraps: 


  • then WASH and REUSE

  • occasionally REFRESH

  • eventually COMPOST (or return to us for a coupon)

    Actual product contains detailed written use and care instructions




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Beeswax Sparks™


Contains 100% pure beeswax

Can be stored near food

Safe around children and pets

Never expires

All natural: no nasty chemicals

Ideal for BBQs

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Fire Starters


Contains 100% pure beeswax

Can be stored near food

Safe around children and pets

Never expires

All natural: no nasty chemicals

Ideal for Fire Pits and Bonfires


Plastic-free packaging

We even use biodegradable and naturally adhesive kraft tape instead of plastic sellotape!

Ensuring that our products are totally zero-waste and nothing needs to go to landfill.