“Samuel” Taper Candles H:12.5cm/5" W:2cm/¾"

“Samuel” Taper Candles H:12.5cm/5" W:2cm/¾"



“A minimalist design to compliment any occasion”

Priscilla and Pravana x


  • Fits generic candlestick holders

  • Suitable for both short burn times as well as burning all in one go

Get the best value ensure that you use our tried-and-tested recommended candle accessories below

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Sunshine glow 100% pure beeswax candles burn brighter and longer than other types of candles. The flame is on the same light spectrum as sunlight

Completely natural Our candles are naturally coloured by pollen granules that the honey bees brush onto the beeswax in the hive and given their lovely aroma by the nectar from the flowers that the honey bees have foraged on. Each season the colour and aroma of our candles subtly varies, it is part of the charm of beeswax. Our candles are great for the dinner table as their subtle honey aroma will not clash with your food- unlike paraffin or soy candles which have artificial fragrances/scents as well as artificial colour dyes

Eco-friendly, Hypoallergenic and Non-toxic Our candles are popular during pregnancy and with families who have newborns and toddlers as well as people with COPD or asthma and those with sensitivities to artificial fragrances. The lovely, subtle honey aroma is good for soothing and calming young children as well as pets during busy times of the year (such as Christmas). Our candles are also popular for practices such as meditation

Reduce indoor air pollution— Purify the air with natural ionisers When lit, our candles will emit a lovely subtle honey aroma and provide an air purifying effect in the room: reducing the level of air pollutants as well as irritants like airborne dust and unwanted cooking smells. Our candles are effective but remember that they are natural products so they are designed for everyday use (not for extreme cases such as during renovation works)

An authentic sign of purity— “Bloom” Bloom is a frosted coating that appears during cold temperatures only on 100% pure beeswax candles.This is a white film that starts off as a thin layer and thickens with time. Many people love seeing “bloom” as it is proof that the candle is 100% pure beeswax. Bloom does not affect how the candle burns, how long it burns for or its natural subtle honey aroma. Honey Bee Candles do not have an expiry date or “go-off”. If you don’t like bloom, simply light your candle and the bloom will disappear as the candle warms up from the heat of its flame

Recommended Candle Accessories

Always use some form of candle holder:

  • It is the most effective way to ensure a flat, heat-resistant surface

  • It is also an easy way to effectively reduce the chance of wax drips; ensuring that the candle burns for as long as possible

  • The Honey Bee Candle Stand allows you to display the entire taper candle—unlike traditional candlestick holders that hide the base

How to Use Follow general candle safety advice when the candle is lit. Use the candle accessories that we recommend and only use indoors. Never place lit Honey Bee Candles in hurricane lamps or votive glass vessels. Measurements and burn time are approximate

Candle Safety