Information about the Charities that Honey Bee Candles supports

Candlelighters: A donation of 10% of every Benjamin pillar candle and set of Honeycomb Birthday Candles sold via our website will be donated to the UK charity Candlelighters who support families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire (UK). Help us to support Candlelighters and achieve our target of providing a therapy session for a family

FareShare: A donation of 10% from the Winter Vegetables and Summer Citrus beeswax wrap packs sold via our website will be donated to the UK charity FareShare. It is an amazing cause to support as they redistribute food industry surplus (which would otherwise go to waste) to provide meals to people who would otherwise go hungry. 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the UK food industry every year and 250,000 tonnes of this is still edible (that’s enough for 650 million meals) but 8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat (equivalent to the entire population of London). Help us to support FareShare and achieve our target of providing at least 2 families affected by domestic violence with healthy home cooked meals for a month at a Women’s Refuge

British Beekeepers Association: A donation of 10% from the Wildflowers beeswax wrap packs sold via our website will be donated to the UK charity The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) who provide valuable education and training resources (through lectures and talks in schools to inspire young people), support investigative and applied research projects into the plight of the honey bee; as well as championing bees by providing advice to the government (representing the needs of beekeepers and honey bees, ensuring that this is prioritised for environmental capacities) and the network of regional beekeeping associations about how to improve the local environment for pollinators (honey bees and other pollinators like butterflies). Our first target is to raise £100 to donate to the BBKA to contribute their plan to redevelop their Apiary to become a cutting edge learning centre for local schoolchildren and community groups.

Bees for Development: A donation of 10% from the Honeycomb beeswax wrap packs sold via our website will be donated to the UK charity Bees for Development who focus on educating remote and impoverished farming communities about sustainable beekeeping methods to turn their local natural resources, such as selling honey, into sustainable livelihoods which also benefits local biodiversity. They have successfully empowered people through beekeeping in over 50 countries. They also undertake beekeeping project work on behalf of many international organisations, including the World Bank, the United Nations and USAID. Our target is to make a donation that will provide 2 years of mentoring to a farmer.

More information: we started collecting for these charities from 15 November 2018 (9pm). All orders processed via our website after this date will have the charity donations deducted accordingly from their RRP.

Candlelighters, FareShare, the British Beekeepers Association and Bees for Development