[Wildflowers] 2 Small Honey Bee Wraps (17.5cmx20cm/7"x8" each)

[Wildflowers] 2 Small Honey Bee Wraps (17.5cmx20cm/7"x8" each)



“10% from each pack sold online will be donated to the UK charity The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). They provide educational talks to inspire young people, support research projects (r.e. the plight of the honey bee) and represent the needs of beekeepers as well as honey bees when providing advice to both the government and the network of regional beekeeping associations”

Priscilla & Pravana x


Each pack contains 2 wraps that are each 17.5cm x 20cm (7 inches x 8 inches)

  • Super versatile whether wrapped around food, folded into a little pouch or as a bowl cover

  • Excellent for half a lemon, half an onion, half a bell pepper, half a tomato, half an avocado, small pieces of cheese

  • Perfect for plastic-free lunchboxes. Eliminate the need for single-use plastic wrap and snack bags— wrap snacks with these to compliment the Honey Bee Sandwich Wrap

  • A helpful size for covering milk jugs and juice pitchers during picnics/outdoor dining to avoid insects taking an interest in your drink

Plastic-free Packaging each Honey Bee product is individually wrapped and sent in one of our signature gift boxes

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End food waste and eat every bite with Honey Bee Wrap Beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial so Honey Bee Wrap is beautiful and eco-friendly food storage that is reusable for up to a year. Honey Bee Wrap is versatile and really useful when going plastic-free— read more here This is a perfect top up pack for your plastic-free kitchen and ideal for zero-waste lunchboxes

How to Use Use the warmth of your hands to soften the Honey Bee Wrap and cover over food; then use your fingertips to press and seal. When the wrap cools, normally within a few seconds, it will hold its shape

How to Care Gently wash by hand in cold water, using a little bit of mild soap. Hang to air dry. Always use cold water— beeswax and jojoba oil are naturally antibacterial and tree resin is naturally anti-fungal so there is no need for warm or hot water to keep Honey Bee Wrap clean

Top Tips

  • The secret to keeping food fresher for longer It is part of the charm that Honey Bee Wrap is opaque- a quick unwrap reveals what is inside (it literally takes less than a second)

  • Ideal for Vegetarians Never use Honey Bee Wrap with fish or meat products

  • Keep calm and keep it cool Never use Honey Bee Wrap in the microwave or oven— always keep away from heat sources; including hot food (wait until it has cooled). Actual product is flammable: keep away from open flames (i.e. gas stoves)

Full ingredients list: contains 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin (pine), jojoba oil*

*certified organic