3 Beeswax Wraps for Cheese 25cmx27.5cm / 10"x11"

3 Beeswax Wraps for Cheese 25cmx27.5cm / 10"x11"


Naturally keeping food fresher for longer

This pack contains three beeswax wraps. This design is seasonal (see below for details)

(Each) Cheese wrap 25cm x 27.5cm (10 inches x 11 inches)

Perfectly preserves all types of cheese, small fruit and keeps crackers firm. Reduces the chance of your cheese “sweating” or cracking around the edges. Makes a great talking point during a dinner party and will make your guests remember your cheeseboard for all the right reasons.

Reusable | Plastic Free | Zero Waste | Biodegradable

Naturally adhesive, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

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This design is seasonal. Available until Tuesday 30th April 2019 (11:59pm UK time) and thereafter will be restocked on Sunday 1st September 2019 (00:00am UK time)

All Honey Bee Candles products are handmade by the 2 of us (Priscilla & Pravana) in small batches so each item is given our full attention and you will experience the highest quality

What are Beeswax Wraps?

Honey Bee Wraps are beeswax food wraps which are the sustainable, reusable and natural alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil. They are a plastic-free way to keep your food fresher for longer and perfect for a zero-waste lifestyle. They are naturally adhesive, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal without any nasty chemicals. Each beeswax wrap is handmade by us (a family business) using simple and eco-friendly materials: ethically sourced 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin and certified organic plant oils.

Why should I use Beeswax Wraps?

Beeswax food wraps prevent an estimated 480 metres of plastic wrap going to landfill and into our oceans per year (based on a family of 4 using 24 packs of 20 metres). This is a great way to reduce food waste as the cotton material allows some of the moisture to escape and your food to breathe which means that bacteria have to work harder to decompose your food; this means that your food should stay fresher for longer wrapped in beeswax food wraps compared to plastic wrap or aluminum foil. We've found that we save money in the long run on our grocery bill as less food is wasted at home by using beeswax food wraps. Beeswax food wraps are biodegradable.

How do I use Beeswax Wraps?


  • then WASH and REUSE

  • occasionally REFRESH

  • eventually COMPOST (or return to us for a coupon)

Actual product contains detailed written use and care instructions

Goes well with...

"Assorted Beeswax Wrap (Honeycomb)"


Assorted Sizes (3 Beeswax Wraps)

Naturally keeping food fresher for longer

This pack contains three beeswax wraps

1) Small 17.5cm x 20cm (7 inches x 8 inches)

The ideal size for snacks such as ricecakes, a handful of berries/nuts as well as leftover fruit and vegetable halves (e.g. half a lemon). A helpful size for covering milk jugs and juice pitchers during picnics/al fresco dining to avoid flies taking an interest in your drink. Perfect for on-the-go snacks for toddlers too- eliminating the need for single-use plastic lunch bags as well!

2) Medium 25.5cm x 28cm (10 inches x 11 inches)

A great size for preserving a panini, burger bun or burrito and ideal for keeping small leafy salads fresh and crispy. Excellent for covering bowls of leftovers. This perfect all-rounder is also great for sandwiches and cheese blocks. It is also great to have on your child’s lap when they are eating in the car (good for catching crumbs).

3) Large 33cm x 35cm (13 inches x 14 inches)

A great way to preserve half a melon or half a butternut squash, keep salad fresh and crispy as well as wrap half a baguette. Also good for covering bowls.

Reusable | Plastic Free | Zero Waste | Biodegradable

Naturally adhesive, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

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Only 100% pure beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial and is the key to keeping food fresher for longer.

We filter the beeswax that is a by-product of the surplus honey collected from beehives during honey harvests. Surplus honey and beeswax is collected from the Supers (top part of the beehive) and is never collected from the Brood boxes (where the Queen lays eggs and the honey bees store their honey for the winter). This way, the honey bees always have enough supplies of honey and nothing is wasted. 

We support ethical beekeeping and its values so our beeswax is cruelty-free and from a sustainable source. The beeswax that we use is straight from the beehive- no other type of wax (e.g. soy or paraffin), nasty chemicals or preservatives are added- we only use 100% pure beeswax.

Priscilla and Pravana x