[Honeycomb] 3 Honey Bee Wraps (Assorted Sizes)

[Honeycomb] 3 Honey Bee Wraps (Assorted Sizes)



“A donation of 10% from each pack sold online will be donated to the UK charity Bees for Development, who work with impoverished farming communities to turn local natural resources, such as selling honey, into sustainable livelihoods that also benefit the local biodiversity”

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Each pack contains 3 Honey Bee Wraps— 1 wrap in each of the following sizes:

Small 17.5cm x 20cm (7 inches x 8 inches): helpful for keeping leftover small fruit and vegetable halves fresher for longer

Medium 25.5cm x 28cm (10 inches x 11 inches): super useful for covering bowls of cooled leftovers, fantastic for wrapping medium fruit halves and ideal for folding into a pouch to use in your local zero-waste refill shop for solid foods (save your glass jars for liquids)

Large 33cm x 35cm (13 inches x 14 inches): a great size for keeping leafy greens fresh and crispy for longer; also good for storing homemade bakes

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End food waste and eat every bite with Honey Bee Wrap

Beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial so Honey Bee Wrap is beautiful and eco-friendly food storage. This is a versatile wrap pack for going plastic-free— really useful as part of your zero-waste journey

  • Plastic-free and zero-waste The natural solution to keep your food fresher for longer

  • Reduce food waste Ditch plastic wrap and aluminium foil. Honey Bee Wrap is handmade from natural cotton that allows your food to breathe without quickly drying out

  • Perfect for vegetarians Honey Bee Wrap slows down how quickly bread becomes stale, cheese forming dry, cracked edges as well as salad leaves wilting

  • Reusable The natural materials that we use are naturally adhesive and anti-bacterial. Simply hand wash using a little bit of eco-friendly soap with cold water and hang to drip dry. Follow our advice provided to effectively use your Honey Bee Wrap as many times as possible. Depending on how often you use it, and providing that you follow the care advice, Honey Bee Wrap is normally effective for about 1 year— after this, we recommend that you add it to your compost

  • Handmade Honey Bee Wrap is individually handmade by us, a family business, in England. We have mindfully chosen to use only 3 food-safe ingredients to create this natural and plastic-free food storage. Each wrap is given our full attention so that you should consistently experience a high quality product. Our skill of working with beeswax is the reason that Honey Bee Wrap is more effective than other brands and DIY efforts

How to Use: Use the warmth of your hands to soften the Honey Bee Wrap and cover over food; then use your fingertips to press and seal. When the wrap cools, normally within a few seconds, it will hold its shape. Gently wash by hand in cold water, using a little bit of mild soap. Hang to air dry. Click here for more information

  • The secret to keeping food fresher for longer It is part of the charm that Honey Bee Wrap is opaque- a quick unwrap reveals what is inside (it literally takes less than a second)

  • Ideal for Vegetarians Never use Honey Bee Wrap with fish or meat products

  • Keep calm and keep it cool Never use Honey Bee Wrap in the microwave or oven— always keep away from heat sources; including hot food (wait until it has cooled). Actual product is flammable: keep away from open flames (i.e. gas stoves)

Full ingredients list: contains 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin (pine), jojoba oil*

*certified organic