Beeswax Sparks® Fire Starters 15 minutes each without kindling

Beeswax Sparks® Fire Starters 15 minutes each without kindling

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“Beeswax Sparks® are lightweight and effective— both at home and while camping ”

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Registered design exclusive to Honey Bee Candles®

Set of 10 fire starters. Packaging Choices:

  1. Hexagonal glass jar— choose if you intend to store near a fire place/open flames

  2. Refill pack— refill the Beeswax Sparks® hexagonal glass jar or use while camping

Effective, easy to use and ideal for indoor fireplaces, garden pits, pizza ovens, barbecues or small campfires 

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Eco-friendly & Non-toxic No nasty chemicals— we use sustainable and renewable materials to make each fire starter

Children & Pet Friendly In case someone decides to have the odd bite but please don't encourage this

Naturally Effective & Waterproof Beeswax burns with the hottest flame of all natural waxes and is naturally waterproof

Lightweight, Compact & Stable Safe to store near food while hiking

No Expiry Date Natural 100% pure beeswax does not ever become rancid or “go off”

Plastic-free & Zero-waste No plastic wrappers with an aluminium coating that you are expected to burn like the majority of store-bought fire starters. Beeswax Sparks® and their packaging are completely biodegradable

How to Use Place Beeswax Sparks® and light the twisted ends then add wood to sustain the fire. The number of Beeswax Sparks® required depends on the size of the fire. A small campfire takes 1-2

Steady, Consistent Flame & Long Burn Time Each Beeswax Spark® burns for about 15 minutes (approx.) without kindling or paper— long enough for the wood to start burning. Beeswax Sparks® may also be used in a Kelly Kettle® but we suggest that you add some kindling if you want the temperature to rise quickly