Wildflower® Candle Stand

Wildflower® Candle Stand



“Inspired by the Namaqualand daisies from our ancestral home of South Africa, these wildflowers bloom after the Spring rains and dramatically change the arid, dry landscape to a sea of vivid colours

We chose a botanical theme as the pollen that honey bees forage for determines the colour and aroma of a Honey Bee Candle”

Priscilla and Pravana x


Registered design exclusive to Honey Bee Candles®

All Honey Bee Candles are suitable to be burnt using our Wildflower Candle Stand

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  • Specifically designed to hold 100% pure beeswax candles; provides a stable, heat-resistant surface for candles with the hottest flame

  • Tripod stand with spike: raised for ventilation to preserve table tops and provides stability to deter overbalancing by children or pets

  • Unique design but subtle enough to blend with any home décor and occasion

How to Use

  • Only place one candle per candle stand

  • Ensure that the candle is placed straight (not tilting) before lighting

  • Easily remove wax drips without damaging the design of the candle stand. Simply lift off the wax drips, never use wet wipes to clean