Honey Bee Candles Collection 4

Left to Right: Benjamin, Joshua, Aaron, English Beehive, Bee Column, Bee Pillar and Cohen

Honey Bee Candles Collection 5
Honey Bee Candles Collection 6

Photo above: (Left to Right) Cohen, Dassie, Lucas, Francesca

 Photo above: Left Top: Bee Pillar. Bottom Left: Bee Column. Left to right: Benjamin, Aaron, Spiral Birthday Candle, Honeycomb Birthday Candle, Raphael (pair), Bianca (pair), Jacob (pair)

Photo above: Top: Joshua. Left to Right: Lexi, Samuel (pair), Valentina, Joshua

40% of fresh food bought from UK supermarkets is wasted

Honey Bee Wrap is the perfect plastic-free way to keep bread, cheese and herbs fresher for longer

Top: Wildflowers Bread Wrap Bottom Left: Shepard Cheese Wrap (each pack has 3 wraps) Bottom Right: Honeycomb Assorted Large wrap (Assorted Pack: Small, Medium and Large). The Bread is just under 300g, the Cheese is 250g

and the spinach leaves are about 100g. Our Honey Bee Wrap is very generous in size

Honey Bee Wrap beeswax food wraps uk handmade

Honey Bee Wrap in use- so much prettier than plastic-wrap or aluminium foil and it’s eco-friendly and plastic-free!

Left to Right: Shepard Cheese Wrap, Honeycomb Assorted (Large) and Wildflowers Bread Wrap

Pancake Day