Honey Bee Wrap

Learn how to use Honey Bee Wrap to effectively reduce food waste

Wrap | Cover | Fold Use the warmth of your hands to soften the Honey Bee Wrap and cover over food; then use your fingertips to press and seal. When the wrap cools, normally within a few seconds, it will hold its shape. Gently wash by hand in cold water, using a little bit of mild soap. Hang to drip dry

  • The secret to keeping food fresher for longer It is part of the charm that Honey Bee Wrap is opaque- a quick unwrap reveals what is inside (it literally takes less than a second)

  • Ideal for Vegetarians Never use Honey Bee Wrap with fish or meat products

  • Keep calm and keep it cool Never use Honey Bee Wrap in the microwave or oven— always keep away from heat sources; including hot food (wait until it has cooled). Actual product is flammable: keep away from open flames (i.e. gas stoves)

Wrap | Cover | Fold

Honey Bee Wrap is perfect for both soft and hard cheeses. It slows down how quickly soft cheese forms dry, cracked edges as well as preventing hard cheese from “sweating” (moisture pockets that lead to unwanted mould). When you use a natural covering like Honey Bee Wrap, it allows your food to “breathe”: it doesn’t dry out but at the same time, moisture does not build up— this leads to your food staying fresher for longer. It’s totally fine to “over-wrap” your food — never cut Honey Bee Wrap

Top Tip: Dedicate a fridge drawer just for cheese (rather than mixing it with salad etc). It will be kept at a more constant temperature and should stay fresher for even longer

Above: Soft Goat’s Cheese wrapped in Small from Wildflowers Assorted Pack

Above: Hard Red Leicester Cheese wrapped using 1 of the 3 wraps from the Shepard Cheese Pack

Wrap | Cover | Fold

Championed in our household as we seem to have food container lids that “disappear”. Forget the hassle of searching for lost lids and use Honey Bee Wrap as plastic-free food storage. Keep cooled leftovers fresher for longer by covering a bowl or plate with Honey Bee Wrap and storing in the fridge. Always remove the Honey Bee Wrap when re-heating leftovers.

Top Tip: cover fruit bowls in summer to avoid fruit flies


Wrap | Cover | Fold

Easier than it looks Swap single-use plastic bags forever. We use this folding technique a lot and now we do it in about 3 seconds. Watch the video below in full first, then watch it again with a Honey Bee Wrap to follow along. Pause, rewind and re-watch— take your time to understand it and it will become second nature

Top Tip: This folding technique is great to use with any size wrap— from snacks to sandwiches to salad. Super lightweight and folds flat when not in use— ideal for lunchboxes, family-days-out and camping