There are several steps along a plastic-free and zero-waste journey

We specialise in 3 types of products that are useful when switching to a more natural lifestyle and a more eco-conscious home:

  1. Honey Bee Candles

  2. Honey Bee Candle Stand

  3. Honey Bee Wrap


Honey Bee Wrap- perfect for wrapping leftovers: half a bell pepper, half a lemon and half an avocado are some examples. Shop our Wildflowers Small Pack


Honey Bee Wrap is great for all types of vegetarian food. It is particularly good for keeping bread, cheese and leafy greens (and herbs) fresher for longer


All wrapped up- how Honey Bee Wrap looks like once you are using it

Honey Bee Wrap

End food waste and eat every bite with Honey Bee Wrap

What is Honey Bee Wrap?

Honey Bee Wrap is beeswax food wrap. These wraps are the sustainable, reusable and natural alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil. They are a plastic-free way to keep your food fresher for longer and perfect for a zero-waste lifestyle. They are naturally adhesive, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal without any nasty chemicals. Each beeswax wrap is handmade by us (a family business) using simple and eco-friendly materials: ethically sourced 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin and certified organic plant oils

Why should I use Honey Bee Wrap?

Beeswax food wrap prevents an estimated 480 metres of plastic wrap going to landfill and into our oceans per year (based on a family of 4 using 24 packs of 20 metres). This is a great way to reduce food waste as the cotton material allows some of the moisture to escape and your food to breathe which means that bacteria have to work harder to decompose your food; this means that your food should stay fresher for longer wrapped in beeswax food wraps compared to plastic wrap or aluminum foil. We've found that we save money in the long run on our grocery bill as less food is wasted at home by using beeswax food wraps. Beeswax food wraps are biodegradable

Ditch single-use plastic wrap: Choose to reuse instead

There are chemicals and other types of mixtures that are added to the plastic film through chemical processes to make it into plastic wrap. This makes it very difficult for local authorities to recycle meaning that it is single-use plastic that ends up going straight to landfill

These added chemicals add toxins that are near your food- toxins that are said to leach into your food! BPA (Bisphenol A) is used in plastic water bottles and in most plastic food containers. There are many scientific studies that link these chemicals leaching into food to several serious health conditions

These studies have shown how even hormones are disrupted- leading to potential endocrine disorders including male and female infertility, thyroid dysfunction and cancer

Honey Bee Wrap is handmade using simple and natural materials. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is also reusable many, many times

Aluminium foil- not eco-friendly from start to finish

Aluminium foil is extracted through mining and is then processed through several refining techniques. This type of manufacturing process requires large factories and HUGE amounts of electricity which creates a major amount of waste. It is generally used only once and only some local authorities have the technology to recycle it.

Honey Bee Wrap is a simple swap to stop using aluminium foil. Wrap your sandwiches for school or work in Honey Bee Wrap and make little snack pouches for things like berries or carrot sticks- it’s much more eco-friendly and as it is reusable you will ultimately spend less than buying rolls of aluminium foil so often.

One important point to remember is that Honey Bee Wrap is not meant to be near heat sources and raw fish. Swap the aluminium foil for eco-friendly and biodegradable baking/parchment paper in this case