Here are some suggestions of where to use our products so that you may get the best value from them

We use all of our products every day so we have listed where and how we are currently using them so that it can help you visualise them in your own home

Many of our customers have found this very useful on their plastic-free and zero-waste journey

As we change where we use our products at home- we will update you :)

If you would like some further guidance, please contact us via

Priscilla & Pravana x

Section 1: At Home

Section 2: Outdoors (Garden and Camping)

Section 1: AT HOME

  • Every Honey Bee Candle should always be burnt using a candle stand

  • Factor in about 5cm in between taper candlesticks and 10cm between pillar candles. The larger the width of the candles, the more space needs to be left in between candles.

  • We recommend using Bryant & May Extra Long Matches

  • Get the best value from your Honey Bee Candles by choosing larger candles for your hallway: the subtle honey aroma will travel through your home; the further away the room, the lighter the aroma. It is a pleasant aroma that should be noticeable but not over-powering

  • Try to avoid placing lit candles on staircases: the breeze from walking past is very likely to cause wax drips and it is very likely the candle will be left lit unattended (which is not advisable)

Section 2: OUTDOORS