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Family business  Handmade in England, United Kingdom  Sustainable & Ethically-sourced 100% pure beeswax

We specialise in 100% pure beeswax products that are completely handmade and truly eco-friendly

We're here to offer you a guiding hand towards being plastic-free and zero-waste

Start your plastic-free and zero-waste journey with us today

Priscilla (Mother) & Pravana (Daughter)

Honey Bee Candles®

There are several steps along a plastic-free and zero-waste journey

We specialise in 3 types of products that are useful when switching to a more natural lifestyle and a more eco-conscious home

A selection of our products support UK Charities

Honey Bee Candles Winter 2018

Honey Bee Candles

100% pure beeswax candles in a range of designs that are completely handmade in small batches, in England

Our candles are beautiful as well as useful: they are natural ionisers and are able to form “bloom” (a snowflake-like appearance in cold temperatures)

All of our candles are 100% pure beeswax


Eco-friendly & Non-toxic

Honey Bee Candles are handmade with completely natural ingredients. They are biodegradable

They are safe and popular with during pregnancy, with new mums, families with newborns and toddlers, people with COPD and asthma as well as those with hayfever allergies

They are perfect for calming down anxious little ones and pets during busy times like Christmas and New Year. Ideal for just before bedtime

candle stand.jpg

Honey Bee Candle Stand

Specifically designed to hold 100% pure beeswax candles; provides a stable, heat-resistant surface for candles with the hottest flame

Copyrighted unique design by Priscilla, Honey Bee Candles

It is also an easy way to effectively reduce the chance of wax drips; ensuring that the candle burns for as long as possible


Honey Bee Wrap

Unlike plastic wrap and aluminum foil, it is reusable and completely biodegradable

Perfect for vegetarians, it is great for all types of vegetarian food as it allows your food to breathe (unlike plastic and foil)

Naturally adhesive and anti-bacterial as well as reusable while being plastic-free and zero-waste