We have addressed the most commonly asked questions about our products

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  • Section 1: Candles

  • Section 2: Beeswax Food Wraps

Section 1: Candles

1) Do you sell scented candles (added fragrance using essential oils)?

No. Our candles are 100% pure beeswax without added chemicals such as essential oils. The aroma they emit is from the pollen that the bees collected from wild flowers.

2) Do you sell coloured candles?

No. Our candles are naturally coloured by the pollen that the bees brushed against the honeycomb. The colour of our natural beeswax depends entirely on which flowers the bees collected pollen from. Therefore, there is some degree of difference between seasons for the colour of the candles. We do try our best to match up orders and the majority of our products contain the sought-after canary yellow beeswax.

3) Do you sell soy wax candles or a mixture of soy and beeswax candles?

No. Our candles are 100% pure beeswax and never contain mixtures of waxes. We only use beeswax in our products- we never use soy, paraffin or palm wax.

4) Do you sell tea lights?


You will benefit more from 100% pure beeswax being a natural ioniser as well as get more value for your money by using larger candles than tea lights. Our votive candles are unique smaller candles and are a good choice if you feel that your home is small and would prefer several smaller candles. Alternatively, choosing just one candle, a pillar candle, is another good route to consider.

5) Why don’t you use paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is derived (made from) crude oil which is a fossil fuel; this means that it is not renewable and not sustainable plus when paraffin candles burn they emit the same toxic compounds as cigarettes! This includes benzene and formaldehyde.

Section 2: Beeswax Food Wraps

1) What are Beeswax Wraps?

Honey Bee Wraps are beeswax food wraps which are the sustainable, reusable and natural alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil. They are a plastic-free way to keep your food fresher for longer and perfect for a zero-waste lifestyle. They are naturally adhesive, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal without any nasty chemicals. Each beeswax wrap is handmade by us (a family business) using simple and eco-friendly materials: ethically sourced 100% pure beeswax, natural tree resin and certified organic plant oils.

2) Why should I use Beeswax Wraps?

Beeswax food wraps prevent an estimated 480 metres of plastic wrap going to landfill and into our oceans per year (based on a family of 4 using 24 packs of 20 metres). This is a great way to reduce food waste as the cotton material allows some of the moisture to escape and your food to breathe which means that bacteria have to work harder to decompose your food; this means that your food should stay fresher for longer wrapped in beeswax food wraps compared to plastic wrap or aluminum foil. We've found that we save money in the long run on our grocery bill as less food is wasted at home by using beeswax food wraps. Beeswax food wraps are biodegradable.

3) How do I use beeswax food wraps?

Use the warmth of your hands to soften the beeswax wrap, fold it around food or over a container and use your fingers to press and seal. When the wrap cools, it will hold its shape. It is reusable- gently wash by hand with cool water (using a mild soap, if needed) in between uses. Hang to air dry. Store in a cool, dark cupboard or draw- either folded, flat or rolled up.

Please email us if you would like further clarification info@honeybeecandles.co,uk

4) Do I need elastic bands to secure my food after using beeswax food wraps?

No. We have completed a lot of research into the formula for our beeswax food wraps (it runs in the family, Priscilla has a PhD) to make sure that they were tacky enough to hold their shape but not too sticky to be a nuisance. You may need to hold the seal of the beeswax wrap for a little longer on colder days or in colder climates so that it has enough heat to naturally adhere.

5) Will the beeswax smell transfer onto my food?

The beeswax should not transfer onto your food, provided you follow the care instructions. Please keep the beeswax food wrap away from heat sources. The beeswax aroma will lessen with time, use and how often you wash your wrap.

6) Do I get the fabric shown?

Yes- always.