• Section 1: Contact Information for Honey Bee Candles

  • Section 2: How to contact Honey Bee Candles if your order has not arrived

  • Section 3: Further Information

    • Personalised Customer Service Advice

    • Supplying for Special Occasions (including Corporate Events & Weddings)

    • Sustainable Gift Hampers & Charity Hampers for raffles


Email address for Honey Bee Candlesinfo@honeybeecandles.co.uk

  • We normally take less than 2 working days to process your email

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Postal Address for Honey Bee Candles

Honey Bee Candles / Priscilla & Pravana

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United Kingdom

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Telephone number for Honey Bee Candles: +4478 1799 2593

  • Please call between Monday-Friday 11am-2pm (UK time) and Saturday 11am-3pm (UK time) otherwise you may be greeted by our voicemail as we will be in our studio and may not be able to answer the telephone immediately

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If your order has not arrived within the expected time frame- please contact us via email as soon as possible. Please click here to check the expected time frame

Our email address: info@honeybeecandles.co.uk

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Further Information about Honey Bee Candles

Personalised Customer Service Advice

100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Please feel free to contact us about where to place candles from our collection in your home or if you would like some advice on which of our candles might be best for you according what your style is and where and how you would like to burn beeswax candles. We’re also here if you would like some advice on how to remove beeswax from a tablecloth or carpet :)

We can also recommend which of our candles are best for a specific time of year or occasion; for example:

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Easter (at home or for Church)

  • Parties (including Birthday parties)

  • Corporate Events (please see below)

  • Weddings (please see below)

  • Housewarming (either for use or as a gift)

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (either for Church or for the table)

  • New Year’s Eve (either for Church or for parties)

    As well as:
    Mediation and Yoga

Honey Bee Wrap

We’re happy to answer any questions on what types of food work well with beeswax wraps. We have some suggestions on each Honey Bee Wrap individual product page.

Supplying for Special Occasions (including Corporate Events & Weddings)

If you require a higher quantity of products than are listed on our website: please email us and we will try our best to fulfill your order. This process of ordering is for when you require a minimum of 25 products and maximum of 100 products per order. Timescales and availability of products as well as capacity do vary according to the type of products you are interested in and what time of year it is (sometimes we are very busy and may not be able to provide your order). To avoid disappointment, please contact us early in your planning. We hand make each order in small batches: a rough guide is 100 candles (or 50 pairs) per week. If you would like 300 candles, please contact us at least a month/4 weeks in advance or at the very latest 3 weeks in advance. Please note that you will be purchasing via retail prices (as listed on our online shop) and we do not see this as wholesale i.e. it is not permitted for you to re-sell our products under the Honey Bee Candles brand or repackaged under another name or brand.

Ideas of how to use our products for special occasions include:

  • 100% pure beeswax candles as statement table centrepieces and as part of the table decor (we don’t use artificial fragrances or scents so our candles won’t clash the food served)

  • 100% pure beeswax candles as party favours (these are totally plastic-free and zero-waste)

    Please note that we are not currently offering personalised packaging for party favours and we do not provide a set-up service.

Sustainable Gift Hampers & Charity Hampers

Our products are great for eco-friendly hampers as part of raffles. We have been in a few and are happy to be included more- if we have capacity, which may not be possible during certain times of the year (but we will try our best). We normally dispatch a range of 3 to 5 items for this purpose. Ideally please email us at least 2 weeks before your event (info@honeybeecandles.co.uk); it is really helpful to us if you briefly describe how your hamper will be advertised (whether it is part of a charity raffle or in your shop) and a link to your website (or briefly tell us about your organisation). Sometimes we are able to cater to shorter time frames but please do not rely on this.