100% pure beeswax is truly eco-friendly

Natural beeswax has incredible properties that makes it the ideal material for many eco-friendly home products. Beeswax is an integral part of the beehive that not only provides structure to the beehive but is a vital part of nature's original food storage. Beeswax burns at the highest temperature compared to other waxes (such as paraffin, soy or vegetable wax like rapeseed) so they make effective fire starters without any nasty chemicals.

That’s why we chose to sell 100% pure beeswax candles, beeswax wrap and eco-friendly fire starters

  1. Beeswax is a naturally occurring by-product of food pollination (and when beekeepers collect the surplus honey)

    • Beeswax is naturally a wax. The wax in paraffin, soy and palm candles have been through a chemical reaction in order to be turned into wax as they are originally oils

  2. Beeswax is the most eco-friendly wax for the environment, for animals and for you and family. Our beeswax is sustainable and renewable

    • Beeswax is made by honey bees and has the least impact on the local eco system (takes the least amount of land-space) unlike soy and palm tree plantations that cause devastating and irreversible effects to the local environment and animals; paraffin wax is chemically made from crude oil (a fossil fuel) which is non-renewable and not sustainable. When oils are turned into wax they require chemicals to solidify them; often these are very bad for the environment and especially awful when burnt as a candle as they emit the same toxic compounds as cigarettes! This includes benzene and formaldehyde which is particularly harmful when burnt in confined spaces such the living room and the bathroom

    • Oils that are turned into wax are often accompanied with candle wicks that contain zinc cores and lead cores- adding to the toxins that are released when burnt. Some people add paper-cores but this is not much better. It is possible to make a candle with a metal-free and paper-free wick but some people use these either to maximise profit or to compensate for a low level of candle making skill

  3. Natural beeswax is biodegradable

    • Biodegradable products are vital to a circular economy (zero-waste lifestyle)

Important information about how we prioritise the welfare of honey bees

  1. Ensuring the welfare of honey bees

  2. Maintaining the high quality of Honey Bee Candles products

  • The bees always have enough supplies of honey and beeswax. We only remove the surplus honey and beeswax. Honey bees are incredibly efficient creatures so store much more honey (and beeswax) than they actually use; more and more honey and beeswax would accumulate if left as honey and beeswax never expire- eventually leaving less space for the honey bee colony (which is not good for them)

  • Ethically-sourced, sustainably-sourced and cruelty-free beeswax; surplus honey is only collected at certain times of the year thus only the surplus beeswax is removed. Very minimal smoke (using eco-friendly fire starters and burning materials) is used to alert bees. Honey Bee Candles do not support a lot of smoke being used as it is not necessary and may cause the honey bees unnecessary stress

  • The majority of the beeswax we use is for our own use (no other company has it). In times of high demand, we source further beeswax from just over 20 miles (32km) from where we’re based- that way, all the honey bees always have enough honey and beeswax